Blair under pressure again for misleading public on Iraq

April 27 18:23 2005 Print This Article

Just seven days before the next British Election the British Labour Government is under pressure again for misleading the British Public about its reasons for invading Iraq.
Its been revealed that Lord Goldsmith, the attorney General, had advised Mr Blair, in a secret paper, that he had concerns over the legality of the war on Iraq and for the war to be legal,the safest course would need a second United Nation resolution.Plus there would need to be compelling evidence that Iraq had breached the terms of that resolution before military force there could be considered legal .
Yet, just a week later, Mr Blair in a speech in British Parliament, stated that the advice from the attorney general was that the use of force against Iraq was in fact legal by law.He also confirmed that Lord Goldsmiths advice had not been altered or changed in anyway.
Prime Minister Blair’s credibility is surely being found out time and time again.

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