5 Bad Movies You Need to See

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Movies are one of the most popular entertainment choices around the world. Many people keep a close eye on what films are soon to be released and what is doing well at the box office as a gauge for which movies they should see or at least which ones they should see first. Conventional wisdom would say the movies that do well at the box office are always the best choices, however, that is not always the case. This is why many movie review websites such as Rotten Tomatoes has become so popular. Many times, the movie review sites serve as the key factor in determining what many will watch and not watch.

For example, if a movie receives a bad rating from the Rotten Tomatoes “Tomatometer”, then it will most likely be ignored by a huge percentage of the viewing public. However, in spite of a bad rating by the “Tomatometer” or any other movie review site for that matter, some of the movies that receive bad ratings still offer excellent entertainment and should not be missed.

Therefore, to make sure you are not lacking in the entertainment department, we have compiled a list of movies shot down by the “Tomatometer” that are still worthy of your attention. While these movies might not fit the mainstream idea of what a “normal” box office hit should look like, they offer a flavor and experience you won’t find with other films. Many of the films even have stars such as Ryan Gosling and directors that are well-known among the Hollywood elite as talented artists with unique vision.

If you are looking for something a little different then check out one of these movies and have a different type of entertainment experience.

The Fall


Directed By-Tarsem

Rotten Tomatoes Rating-59%

Tarsem and three other screenwriters crafted the script for this film, but the movie sticks closely to what is without question Tarsem’s creative vision. The storyline of the movie follows a bedridden Hollywood stuntman in the hospital after a serious accident on set that may leave him paralyzed. He befriends a girl by the name of Alexandria and entertains her with a tale of fantasy that plays out over several days while they experience both a new friendship and deception.



Directed By-Alex Winter

Rotten Tomatoes Rating-47%

Alex Winter’s most recent work has been mostly with documentaries but is best known as the co-star of Keanu Reeves in the film “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”. Randy Quaid stars in the film as a carnival worker that is in cahoots with evil corporate types who are out to make their fortune with a chemical that will turn innocent victims into circus spectacles. The film is firmly in the cult film category and filled with a long list of quotable lines and strange characters throughout. A must see if you enjoy cult films that offer the weird, quotable and outside the box type of experience.

Fire in the Sky


Directed By-Robert Lieberman and written by Tracey Torme

Rotten Tomatoes Rating-41%

Robert Patrick takes the leading role in this film that is based upon an alien abduction experience. Patrick’s best friend in the film, Walton, disappears for five days after they have an encounter with a UFO. The police believe Patrick’s character had something to do with Walton’s disappearance until Walton comes back on the scene and depicts his story of being taken onto an alien craft and all the horrors that followed. This is a good film about friendship, trust, drama and science fiction that should appeal to a wide variety of movie enthusiasts.



Directed By-Richard Stanley

Rotten Tomatoes Rating-50%

Directed by Richard Stanley, this film is a science fiction horror/thriller that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. An evil robot with the ability to repair itself is discovered by a traveler while wandering through a desolate wasteland and soon comes to life seeking revenge. The movie is a twisted tale of horror and creativity that will thrill science fiction lovers.

Only God Forgives


Director By-Nicolas Winding Refn

Rotten Tomatoes Rating-40%

Ryan Gosling stars in this film as a drug dealer in Thailand who is manipulated into seeking revenge against the killer of his brother. The movie has a dark and stoic feel with fleeting moments of action and grueling brutality. Gosling as usual adds his own unique flavor and tone to the film, sometimes without even uttering a word. Set in the underworld of Thailand, the film offers a set of characters that nobody will admire but they do keep the movie entertaining.


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