FaceBook Launches Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts in US

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The social media giant FaceBook gave its platform a new foothold by launching the Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts. It has taken over the space that has the interest of many, and the only rising audio-only social apps like the Clubhouse during the coronavirus pandemic.

They have been working bit by bit, and they have even been tested for various forms. On Monday, June2021-06-21, FaceBook officially rolled out its new live audio rooms option and podcast discovery and playback within the app.

In the first place, the podcast is only available to people residing in the US and also have iOS devices. In addition, public figures will also be allowed a slot in the podcast rooms, and they will listen and invite friends. They will be able also to host a live audio Room and also introduce features.

Once you get access to hosting a Live Audio, you will also hold a conversation where listeners and speakers can make direct donations during the conversation. The best thing is that while the hosts are limited, the listeners are not limited, and anyone can join a live co audio room on FaceBook.

That is not all because the public figures will also get an opportunity to invite speakers of their choice. They can do that either before the conversation begins or during the conversation. Once appointed by a public figure, then you will be able to speak during the discussion.

With the New Podcast Rooms when it comes to the podcast, there is room for up to 50 speakers but the number of listeners is not limited to that. During the sessions, users will be notified when their friends or followers join the chat.

During the sessions, listening users can press the like button or even react to the content while it is still streaming by using the Thumbs up button. The button is at the bottom of the screen, and it connects you to the Face Book set of emoji reactions.

Also, listeners can show whether they support the prominent person or the public figure of the Live Audio Room by sending stars. The stars will be available during the conversation, and anyone who wants to send them will purchase them at any time of choice.

When you send the stars, you will be bumped up to the front row, which is a special section that highlights the people who sent the stars. It will be an excellent opportunity to know the supporting people, and they can get a shout-out if they are ok with that. You can do all that during the time of the conversation.

Benefits of Podcasting

Podcasting is an alternative method of marketing to video marketing. However, not everyone is comfortable with shooting videos, and that can affect your business. However, podcasting is a practical, portable and convenient, and also intimate way to deliver content. Here is what podcasting can do to your business.

1. It Helps to Make Information Personal

There is a lot of information overload with so much written content on the internet. Getting audio Information that is engaging helps to break the monotony. At the same time, it helps in delivering the content directly to the audience, making it more personal Information. Whether you have it verbally or through video, it appears more emotional than any other form of communication.

2. It is a Convenient Way to Consume Information

After subscribing to a podcast feed, you will get new podcasts automatically downloaded to your device as soon as they are available. That will leave you to listen to them at your convenience.

3. It Increases Traffic Generation

With podcasts, it is easy to reach other new audiences for your business. Podcasts can make you create new familiarity with a broad audience as they can get your audience from far and wide. All that listeners’ need is to subscribe to the series and listen at their convenience. Your audience may continue listening to the podcast as long as it keeps playing.

4. It Helps Build Better Relationship

The podcast is a one-sided medium, but it helps create relationships with your listeners. That is because the listeners will be seeing the person speaking to them, which will give them a feeling that they know the person. People must listen to your podcast. They must be feeling like both of you have something in common.

5. Podcasts are Portable

Once you download the podcast into your device, the Information is also mobile if the device is portable. You can travel with podcasts and keep listening when and where you want. Also, you can transfer the podcast information to another medium like iPod.

6. Podcats Cut Costs

Since you transfer podcasts digitally, they help eliminate unnecessary costs associated with different forms of communication. That includes media like printing, paper, and postage, among others. They help reduce the need for meetings and also email storage costs.

7. Podcasts are Easy to Create

Creating a podcast does not require so many steps, and also, the equipment used for the process is not very expensive, and it is easily accessible. You can either connect your podcast to your website or send it through email.

8. Podcasts are an On-Demand Technology

When you upload your podcast, it will be the listeners who choose what to listen to and when to listen to it. That leaves them to subscribe to your podcast as you compete with their ears and eyes. The most likely thing is that most of them will get the Information you pass through the podcast.

9. It Increases Traffic Generation

Using podcasts, you can reach out to new audiences for your business as it builds familiarity. Your listeners will always subscribe whenever they find something they like. As long as you remain consistent, your audience is likely to continue listening.

Although the podcast is one-sided, it is one of the best ways to increase conversion. It helps build strong relationships with your listeners, and they also get the feeling that they are familiar with the person on the podcast. These and more are the benefits that you can expect with your podcast. That is why it is a field that everyone is fighting for, which is why it is beneficial to build a podcast.

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