Troops in Iraq Start Effort to Clean Out Insurgent Stronghold

September 10 09:54 2005 Print This Article

City looks like a “funnel of death” reports indicate

TAL AFAR, September 10 – This morning a combination of U.S. and Iraqi military forces started an offensive to clean out the insurgent-controlled town of Tal Afar. The small town of Tal Afar is located about 260 miles northwest of Baghdad. The entire morning was filled with the sound of gunfire as several hundred light-armed insurgents fought the U.S. and Iraqi troops invading the town.

Reports indicate hundreds of insurgents have been killed in the process, the troops invaded the small town battering down walls with armored vehicles and conducting thorough house-to-house searches. Meanwhile about 30 miles south of Baghdad police found the bodies of 18 men, handcuffed and shot to death in Iskandariya. This town is widely known for it’s violence and cold-blooded killings as Shiites and Sunnis patrol the town with so-called “death squads”.

In other news the British security company providing services to the Baghdad airport have resumed work and re-opened the airport after blocking all activity for the past 24 hours. The Iraqi government has agreed to fulfill 50% of the outstanding payments immediately to come to an agreement on the dispute.

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