Roadside Bomb Kills Four American Contractors, Saddam Confesses to Genocide

September 07 11:13 2005 Print This Article

We can’t wait for the trial

BAGHDAD, September 7 – Yesterday four American security guards were killed while traveling in a convoy through Basra. The convoy was disturbed by a roadside bomb, launching the car with the four Americans into a nearby ravine. Roadside bombs have become more and more popular among Iraqi insurgents and they seem to get more and more advanced too, the military has no solution for it yet.

Meanwhile the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has announced that Saddam Hussein has confessed to ordering killings and other terrible crimes during his regime. Whether this is true can be doubted because an official within the Iraqi Special Tribunal has acknowledged that Saddam confessed to ordering deadly reprimands to the Kurds in northern Iraq but also added he only did what he believed was possible within legal means. This would denounce the President’s message that Saddam had confessed to committing crimes.

The trial for Saddam Hussein will start on October 19 and so far the prosecutors have only prepared around 14 points to try him on. The prosecutors added that they are only aiming at the cases that can be proven more easily because this would already seal his faith.

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