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Elisha Nelson Manning, in short, Eli Manning is one of the renowned quarterbacks in America. He quarterbacked the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL) to two Super Bowl championships. The first one was in 2008, and the second was in 2012. In both these games, he was awarded the game’s Most Valuable Player award (MVP).

Despite his highlights, Manning had hard times in the 2014 and 2015 games. In both these games, the Giants recorded (6-10). By 2019 the Giants game record was not better, and Manning was supplanted as a quarterback by Daniel Jones. Manning then retired off-season after 16 years with the Giants. At that time, he was ranked seventh in the NFL.

Manning has been with the Giants for a long time, during which he used to make most of the decisions about the games they played. Some decisions he made as a quarterback are the play selection, pass protection, and where the ball will be thrown. However, now he is joining the Giants in a different capacity; he will be working in the organization’s front office.

Though he will still have to make decisions, the decisions will no longer be about what is happening on the field or the game. He is more in the managerial position of the team. Being a Giant player, he is better at understanding what the team needs to be better. He aims to improve the team and help them win.

Manning retirement

For one year, Manning was out of the field and was not part of the Giants. Most of the fans were curious about what he did one year after he retired. According to the information he gave, he spent most of the year with his wife Abby and their four children. He took time off to relax after working for 16 years with the giants.

He said that he wanted to take the year off before making any significant decisions about his career. During the year he was off, he took the time to think of the position he would like to take in the Giants, how busy he wants to be, and how involved he is willing to be. He also wanted to give Daniel Jones time to have a fresh start to develop his game plans without him interfering. So, during the time he was off, the players and coaches also had a fresh start.

However, he wanted to be a part of the Giants and hoped for a spot in the organization. He did not want to have a new start since all he has known ever since he was out of college is the Giant organization. He wanted to do well for the Giants to win games and help positively present the organization.

Duties that Manning has in the office

Now that Manning will not be in the field, he has been given a different set of responsibility that does not require him to wear his gym clothes or run around the area. Working in the office, he will be dealing with marketing, business development, community, and corporate relations. He hopes to continue working with the Giants to ensure that the games are positively presented.

Role Manning played in 2020 season

In 2020, Manning was able to offer his assistance and guidance to the Giants as he wanted. The Covid-19 restrictions made it impossible for him to visit the Quest Diagnostics training centre. However, he hushed to discuss game plans with Jones, Giants new quarterback. Due to the restrictions, Manning did not have the chance to discuss his new role.

After the season, Manning got a chance to get to the training centre and meet with John Mara. In the meeting, they discussed him getting involved. That is when they brainstormed the spots that were available and decided to give Manning the front office position. Manning is happy to be on the other side of the Giant community dealing with the community service, sponsors, and marketing.

Honoring Manning for working with the Giants

Though he is still a part of the Giants team, Manning will be honored for the great work on Sept 26th 2021. He will be honored at halftime of the Giants game against the Atlanta Falcons in MetLife. His No.10 jersey will be retired. He will be the 43rd inductee into the team’s Ring of Honor.

Manning take on the honor ceremony

Manning has said that it will be great for the game to have a crowd and a chance to say one final goodbye to the fans. The fans are the people that have made it all happen and have supported his career. In addition, since the Giants will be playing with the Falcons, he says that this would be a memorable ceremony since the Falcons were his first start in 2004.

In addition, he will be doing it with his teammates, family and fans and the organization. These are the people who made it all happen. In addition, it will be fun and a great way to bid farewell.

Busy year

2020 was the first time that Manning did not play any football since he was in his pre-teen. But he got busy with the four kids coaching their basketball and softball teams. He also enjoyed the interaction with his kids and saw how they interacted with their friends.

About retirement

After wearing helmets and shoulder pads for most of his life, Manning felt ready to be done and retired. In addition, since he was not allowed to watch practice or go to the training camp, he found other ways to be busy and helped him with the transition. Manning looks forward to watching the Giants game in person with his kids and family, which he has never had an opportunity to do.

Though he misses the game and will always be a Giant, the one thing that Manning likes about being retired from the field is waking up each day feeling good. He no longer has to deal with pain and ache.

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