Bush “Betrayed” by Republican Senate Leader

July 29 08:17 2005 Print This Article

Trouble in paradise?

WASHINGTON, July 28 – Contrary to Bush’ policy the Republican leader in the Senate will declare his support for expanding the federal budget for embryonic stem cell research. This move could mean the final nudge needed to get the bill through the Senate although it is doubtful it will ever be activated since the White House is threatening with a veto if it would be approved.

The Senate leader Bill Frist, a heart-lung transplant surgeon, said last month that he did not expect any changes on this touchy subject yet he is expected to announce his support in a speech on Friday morning. Although Frist does not feel entirely comfortable challenging Bush’ four-year policy he feels he has no choice but to support the bill.

Frist’s support is immensely important, giving the senators in doubt a political license to support the bill. Frist has always been considered an authority on medical subjects and is widely asked for advice by fellow senators on such matters.
Another twist worth considering is that Frist is a big potential candidate for the Presidential election in 2008. This unexpected backup of a thorny subject does not only set bad blood at the White House but will certainly be disapproved by conservative Christians, an important support group if he would like to race for presidency in 3 years. It is however possible that he will also gain support among centrists, possibly leveling out the damage done by this bold move.

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