Sinead O’Connor Reaches Out After Suicide Attempt

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The troubled Sinead O’Connor reached out to her family once again via Facebook after lashing out in anger just a day earlier. The famous singer ended up in the hospital early last week after an attempted suicide. Apparently, O’Connor’s family went to visit the singer when she was still unconscious and had not been back to see her since she regained consciousness.

A day before her pleads for help from her family, she called many of them liars, murderers and accused them of stealing her children. Her verbal assault was obviously filled with anger and pain as she condemned family members for not being present when she woke up and refusing to answer the phone. Details of O’Connor’s family troubles have yet to fully surface but obviously from just the few things that have made their way into the view of the public there is a long and troubled history.

After condemning her family in anger, less than twenty-four hours later she used Facebook begging for her family to return to the hospital. She pleaded for their affection and revealed she did not have any belongings, not even clothing. She repeated her requests for help and said she needed the love and support of her family, asking why they had not returned and asked them to come back to the hospital.

Her Facebook posts were dripping in desperation and O’Connor is obviously distraught needing help from those that are supposedly closest to her. Others that are close to O’Connor have confirmed that she is safe and recovering from the suicide attempt at an undisclosed hospital in Ireland under an assumed name for privacy.

Long History of Personal Issues

O’Connor has a long history of personal problems and revealed in 2007 that she had bipolar disorder. There are records showing she has attempted suicide on multiple occasions, which she admits as well. This past summer the singer cancelled all of her remaining shows in order to be with her son who had been diagnosed with a very serious illness and just a few months later in August she had hysterectomy surgery.

The singer continued her posts on Facebook throughout the week with multiple posts about her ex-husband, children and family. Some of the content lashed out in anger, some talked about how she was not worthy of her family’s love and a combination of other ramblings that were filled with obvious confusion, anger and pain. She claimed being abandoned by her family and left all alone to fend for herself while citing the sacrifices she had made for them including having her “womb and ovaries chopped out”, according to her words.

Social media has become a favorite method of communication these days for famous personalities that are in the midst of personal troubles. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it seems like we rarely go a week without another situation arising with a celebrity using a social site to reach out to those who are closest to them and at the same time broadcasting their message to the world as well.

It is unclear if Sinead O’Connor is currently undergoing treatment for her bipolar disorder and what the current state of her relationships with her family members is. One can only hope the troubled singer can finally get the help she needs after an obvious long and ongoing battle with many different personal issues and a very serious mental disorder that affects many. Bipolar disorder is a very serious condition that is very dangerous if left untreated and it is not a big leap to think that perhaps the illness has a lot to do with O’Connor’s current situation.

O’Connor’s agent has not commented on the situation and the Police are revealing her location or any information regarding the suicide attempt. The only details that are known are the suicide attempt was apparently a drug overdose of some kind, but no other details were available.

This isn’t the first time we have seen a celebrity in the midst of a personal crisis that involved broken relationships, suicide attempts, serious illness and a whole range of other life issues. Unfortunately, the ability of celebrities to recover from such issues normally involves a long and grueling road of ups and downs. While being in the spotlight can be great when things are going well, it certainly is no fun when you are at your worst and extremely vulnerable.



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