London Citizens Cannot Catch a Break

July 22 07:08 2005 Print This Article

Another incident shocks the UK capital

London, July 22 – Armed policemen entered Stockwell Station, just one stop from Oval station, this morning at 10 a.m. and one man was shot. Police believe the man was a suicide bomber trying to get on a train to wreak havoc yet again. Bystanders reported that police challenged the man and then shot him five times after not complying.

Immediately the streets surrounding the scene were cordoned off and the subway system around the Stockwell Station were shut down. Stockwell Station is near Oval station, one of the scenes where a failed bombing occurred yesterday. Investigation has intensified since the events yesterday and this incident is believed to be a part of it. Meanwhile London police are still trying to gather clues from the obviously failed bombings yesterday. The bombs and perhaps accessories could be traced to the original mastermind, although a link with the terrible bombings two weeks ago has not been established.

Al-Qaeda also claimed the bombings yesterday, taking responsibility for all the panic that has been spread the past few weeks. This may imply that there is one cell behind all of the attacks, trying to break the mental stability of the London citizens. So far the people are still standing strong although they’re clearly afraid of further incidents.

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