Senate Not at Ease With Iraq War, Secret Prison in Baghdad Found

November 15 14:07 2005 Print This Article

WASHINGTON/BAGHDAD, November 15 – The Senate is clearly issuing signals that they’re not at ease with the war in Iraq. Today the vote on a bill to demand regular updates on the proceedings of the war and rebuilding of Iraq was overwhelmingly decided in favor.

This is just another sign that there is an increasing protest to the war, but it also shows that even the people close around Bush, his lawmakers, are now backing out of supporting him for the full 100%.

Meanwhile in Iraq the President al-Jaafari announced that they are starting a formal investigation after a secret detention center found in Baghdad today. Yesterday the secret prison was surrounded by U.S. military but it is still clear whether they had anything to do with the situation. At least 170 detained men were found, heavily malnourished and with clear signs of torture.

It has only been two weeks since the European Union announced that they are investigating alleged secret detention camps all around Eastern Europe since information indicated that the CIA is running many there to keep terrorists out of the judicial center. One cannot help but wonder if this is the case in the Baghdad jail as well.

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