Childhood Obesity a Direct Result from TV Ads!?

December 07 13:33 2005 Print This Article

WASHINGTON, December 7 – Today a comprehensive report was issued indicating that television advertising and obesity among children are directly linked. The federal institute concluding this did so after a long study which finally confirm long-suspected views.

The National Academies’ Institute for Medicine has advised for a long-term and highly efficient campaign to educate parents and children on healthier food choices. Also the use of cartoon characters for promotion of low-nutrient high sugar foods should be disallowed. Many breakfast cereals successfully use this strategy to attract young fans.

It has been long suspected that television ads are very productive in influencing children, one of the researchers said that it’s no surprise since almost $10 billion is spent on advertising towards the younger audience yearly. Not only TV ads are to be blamed though, online advertising as well as product placement in video games and movies are used to achieve the same result. Even many kids shows are sponsored by certain food products and many schools sign exclusive contracts for soft drinks.

The food industry meanwhile responded mildly, saying that they acknowledge the outcome but blamed the institute for not admitting that the industry is already moving forward to healthier food choices as many parents require this.

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