Bush Will Consider Military Action Against Iran if Necessary

August 14 07:55 2005 Print This Article

Although a diplomatic solution is favorable

CRAWFORD, Texas, August 14 – On Saturday President Bush admitted in an interview that he would consider military action against Iran if they do not halt their nuclear conversion plants. Of course it is favorable to find a diplomatic solution but there is no way to rule out using force, the President stated. Iran recently angered the U.S. and European Union by defying a solution they were building and simply resuming nuclear work in a plant in Isfahan.

German Chancellor Schroeder replied almost immediately to Bush’s statement urging that the military option should be taken off of the table because it clearly hasn’t worked in the past. Bush however is reluctant to rule out any option and stood by his point by saying “The use of force is the last option for any president and, you know, we’ve used force in the recent past to secure our country,”

Bush made a similar reference in February at a news conference in Brussels where he told reporters that there was no military action planned against Iran, he certainly wouldn’t rule out the option. It looks like another war might be in the making, Sept. 3 is the deadline set by the IAEA to stop the conversion of uranium. If Iran does not comply they will face sanctions by the U.N. but it is still unknown how far they might go, especially considering China and Russia have a veto in this matter and they are both known to have ties with Iran.

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