Government needs Steriods?

March 17 23:41 2005 Print This Article

How confused is our congress and government?
By Spanky Part 3

Like there aren’t more important things to worry about than some overpaid athlete injecting himself with something that will make his balls small and shorten his lifespan.
We better worry about 2 men getting married too. While we’re at it, we better do something about what people are watching on their cable television that you actually have to signup to get.

Lets not worry about the over 1500 dead, and 10,000 badly injured men who are fighting so the oil companies can hit us with 2.50 a gallon gas prices.

We spend billions on another country that doesn’t want us there, but don’t have enough money to pay for our own retirement program, social security.

Just remember this in 2 years and vote out every fucking senator and congressman that is in office now. I don’t care if its a dem or a repub, just vote all the incumbent axxholes out. They are so out of touch with reality.

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