Stem Cell Research Breakthrough Avoids Loss of Embryo

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Possible solution to ethical dilemma

WISCONSIN, October 17 – Stem cell research has reached a tremendous breakthrough. A team of researchers compiled by the Massachusetts-based Advanced Cell Technology and the University of Wisconsin have made a significant discovery.

This team of researchers has discovered that it is possible to retrieve stem cells from an embryo without influencing its’ viability for life. This means that the embryo can be used for implantation into a fetus and a natural pregnancy will follow without any complications. So far the technique has only been tested on mice but the researchers intend to do the same on human embryos.

Stem cell research is one of the most restricted areas of medical science. Current medical knowledge only provided one way to extract stem cells, by taking them from the embryo itself and thus killing it. This method is very disputed because some believe life begins at the conception and such an extraction would be the equivalent to murder. This new discovery could solve this ethical dilemma by not affecting the embryo at all.

The reason stem cell research is so interesting though is because these cells are the key to regenerative medicine. Stem cells have the ability to multiply indefinitely and form any kind of human tissue needed. It is no surprise that this stem cell research is one of the most important medical areas in modern time yet also much disputed and thus tightly restricted.

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