Sunnis Will Not Boycott Important Voting Again

August 28 06:55 2005 Print This Article

They finally get the importance of voting

BAGHDAD, August 28 – It looks like the Sunnis have learnt their lesson from being stubborn seven months ago. They had the chance to participate in the now so heavily debated constitutional draft if they had not decided to boycott the elections in the beginning of this year. This mistake has been costly and they seem to finally realize this and intend not to make the same mistake again.

Websites normally used to claim gruesome crimes and show the results are now used to encourage people to register to vote. Their boycott has cost them influence in the constitutional over which they’re fighting now, if they were a part of the parliament they could avoided being ignored by the Shiites. Now they’re looking to counter with the power of the vote, every Sunni is already being called on to vote this October when the people of this divided nation get a say on the potential constitution.

The parliament could also do a vote beforehand to see how the members think of the draft but this is unlikely since the democratic process would be much more served by a vote from the people. Sunnis make up only 20% of the total Iraqi nation yet they have been in charge over the last few decades thanks to Saddam Hussein, the Shiites are now looking to level the score by excluding them from the oil profits.

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