Italians to claim US altered evidence in inquiry into the death of Nicola Calipari

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The Italian Governmet are about to release their version of the circumstances behind the death of their secret agent, Nicola Calipari who was shot to death by US forces at a military checkpoint.
In a statement,Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says another Italian agent who was in the car with Mr Calipari and freed journalist Giuliana Sgrena has given his account of what happened.
Mr Berlusconi said: “This reconstruction of events has been made according to what has been witnessed by another agent who was with Mr Calipari and does not coincide totally with what has been communicated so far by the US authorities.”

Italy had made all necessary contacts for safe passage, advising the US military at the airport as Sgrena was en route, Mr Berlusconi said.
“A light was flashed at the vehicle from 10m away,” Mr Berlusconi said. “The driver at this point stopped the car immediately and at the same time there was gunfire for about 10 or 15 seconds.

“A few shots reached the vehicle – one killed Mr Calipari and another bullet injured Ms Sgrena in the shoulder.”
Italian newspapers have published classified sections of an official US military inquiry into the killing that found no fault could be laid on US troops.
The Americans did invite Italians to join in their inquiry, but the Italian representatives protested at what they claimed “was lack of objectivity in presenting the evidence” and returned home to Italy. Parts of the US’S censored report revealed that the checkpoint was only a temporary one and include “recommendations that the American military modify their checkpoint procedures to give better and clearer warning signs to approaching vehicles”.

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