The American Dream Part 2

March 17 04:26 2005 Print This Article

Let me tell you what is wrong. And, be assured there IS something wrong. If there was something RIGHT, we wouldn’t be with stuck with dilapidated 401k’s, no social security for when we retire, and working far above 40 hour weeks for mediocre salaries as the entrenched elite make millions. If things were right, the penetration of businesses hardened phallus wouldn’t have us walking bowlegged for months on straight. If things were right, there wouldn’t be NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), which gave businesses permission to take profitable factories and move them to other countries anyway. This was not because they were losing money, but just because they could make more. And, when this happened, news organizations would not criticize the move, because their corporate owners did not want to follow the intense criticism, because it was in that companies best interest for it to be passed. The NY Times itself, held onto the stories that would have negative impact to the NAFTA agreement until after the vote. And, this was one of the first shots heard these days to the war that started ever since. It maybe a war that you are unaware of, because it is not reported in any media-owned news organization. It is not reported over the media-owned web. The report that should be in your hands is that you are under attack. This generation is at war, and you have already been overrun and raped. And the fact that you perhaps don’t even know about it shows how powerful they even are. Who are THEY? They are the upper-class corporate parents. They are the board members of businesses. They are the ones who pay out money to Democrats and Republicans alike, to only further their own interests. They are the ones that have pushed the disparity between the top and bottom of the economic structure of America so that the upper 1% gains ground, and that the middle is fragmented and gaining less money, and the bottom wrung grows and grows. They are those who milked Enron to its demise. They are the ones who sold their overvalued tech companies stocks before reality set in, and the rest of the worker’s stocks went for only pennies. They are those who manipulate the system using power, money and influence, and make us – the new generation, pay for their crimes. They sit on media interviews, expounding their genius, while their climb to the position was to step upon on our backs, and instead, they now go to bed with us, puffing on that cigarette, basking in the afterglow.

Look closely at what WE are deluged with these days. Look closer. See how they grip into our lives at every possible place. Whether it be through the world of the web, on TV, radio or in the news itself. Business and economy have taken precedence in all facets, not because it affects you and me (and it does, but not to the panicked level they make it), but because it affects the corporate parents most of all. When CNN (owned by AOL Time Warner), ABC (owned by Disney Cap Cities), NBC (owned by GE), CBS (owned by Westinghouse), or Fox (owned by Rupert Murdoch Enterprises) all harp on economic factors, it all suspiciously seems to serve their own interests, rather than the newsworthiness. When there are incessant interviews during Christmas time about how the economy seems to be recovering, who is exactly saying these things? And for what purpose for other than inspiring the masses to buy comfortably, and raise there stock value. Economic woes, or their harping as such, has taken over the forefront of news issues, and one has to wonder who exactly is speaking to us – the talking head reading the prompter, or the ones behind the scenes who are making the big decisions. And, yet, we let these people into our homes with the assumption that what we see is what is real. We let them in daily and they tussle with us under the covers of our ignorance.

In the bath of denial we seem to soak in these days, large demented black bubbles are spewing forth as advertisements stoke or sex and caress our desires. Big businesses are like barbarians at the gates of Rome, as we Romans puke into the gutters in obese bliss. Or perhaps there is a better analogy: Like the consummate comfortable Greeks, the Romans came in and ransacked their literature, religion, art and architecture and took it as their own in their morally righteous superiority. They then enslaved the Greeks, took them to sea, taking them and their culture back with them. They diluted and sublimated the Greeks until this new empire swallowed the entire Grecian cultural identity. Businesses these days do the same. Business seems to want to eat the customer and enslave us to their will and interests. Previous ideas, art, music and literature are being sold to them to remake them as their own. You’ve heard the music on the commercials, that art piece on the billboard. It has already begun. They are so busy selling themselves, that they are assimilating our culture and mutating it into theirs. And everything within this new culture is for one reason, to make money, to keep the greased wheels of industry running. What a monster has been crafted. Selfishness and ego have been building a beast of such proportions that it has stretched across the planet. With Board of Director brains and Wall Street belly, it begins to stomp our society to pieces. It climbs the buildings and thumps its chest. It carries chains that fit every Nike foot and Swatch hand. And with its gleaming Trojan-covered prick, it has already deflowered and devoured Fay Ray. This monster wants to take us on a cruise to Rome; and the sightseeing pamphlets are everywhere. For business exploits the new technologies. It seeks the curves and ruts so it can always be on top, no matter the cost. Its cold callous, and its seldom ethical personality is a mirror of our greedy hardened hearts. We made this. We perpetuate it. We have come to depend on it.

The American dream has seemed to be dragged under a rug somewhere, and, on that rug, we are being humped mercilessly. The American Dream had always said you would be rewarded for all your hard work. Are you rewarded? With all these technological advances, we are only working more and more, putting more effort into the machine, and getting less in return. And, yet, nobody will speak of this. The media barely will report this, because, this war against you and me is one of silence and gloss over of facts. They have blurred the lines, and our “factual’ information is suspect. And, lately, it is all opinion – whether the pundits and talking heads sit expounding the “left”, “right”, “middle”, “wrong”, “politically correct”, “naive”, “optimistic”, “pessimistic” or just “fucked”; it’s all the same. It is all self-serving. The reality of situations are hidden deep under the many facades, cloaks and what is simply pure business propaganda serving nobodies interests except for those who have taken control. We are being seduced by sugarcoated empty talk, and every time we take what we read, see or hear for granted, we are simply opening our legs and continuing the daily rape. One must objectively wipe off the shit on news, information and even non-fiction these days. Controlling public opinion and effectively pulling the wool over our head, is how they will keep winning. And, it is your choice whether to let yourself be continually fucked in this ignorant bliss. “Whether they’re called ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’, the major media are large corporations, owned by and interlinked with even larger conglomerates. Like other corporations, they sell a product to a market. The market is advertisers — that is, other businesses. The product is audiences. For the elite media that set the basic agenda to which others adapt, the product is, furthermore, relatively privileged audiences. So we have major corporations selling fairly wealthy and privileged audiences to other businesses. Not surprisingly, the picture of the world presented reflects the narrow and biased interests and values of the sellers, the buyers and the product.” – Noam Chomsky, 1993


B D Gallof

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