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Trading the QQQQ (QQQ) stock

What is the QQQ(Q) stock? The QQQQ (QQQ) (qqq) stock trades on the AMEX, and is an index tracking stock. With a share of QQQQ (QQQ) you can buy or

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Government needs Steriods?

How confused is our congress and government? By Spanky Part 3 Like there aren’t more important things to worry about than some overpaid athlete injecting himself with something that will

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Where’s My Taxi?

“Where’s My Taxi?” Somewhere, someone is saying it… Hell, maybe you’re saying it right now, and reading this on some sort of palm pilot remote Internet access device. Well, I’m

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WASHINGTON CRAFTS POLICY TO CONTAIN CHAVEZ ‘SUBVERSION’ By Andy Webb-Vidal Senior US administration officials are working on a policy to “contain” President Hugo Chávez and what they allege is his

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The American Dream

Like some huge tit grasped ineptly by a teenage America in the back of a Honda, the world economy is unsure, tired, sometimes bored, and never completely understood. America has

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The American Dream Part 2

Let me tell you what is wrong. And, be assured there IS something wrong. If there was something RIGHT, we wouldn’t be with stuck with dilapidated 401k’s, no social security

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