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Like some huge tit grasped ineptly by a teenage America in the back of a Honda, the world economy is unsure, tired, sometimes bored, and never completely understood. America has always been high on what it calls a “free” market system, but in truth, it is only a market for those with influence and wealth to take advantage of. Who can invest in IPO’s? Only those who have wealth. Who can opt out of their stock options? Not you or me, only those high enough on the totem pole. Then they dump and run as we eat the check. One of the biggest issues of the Enron scandal is why the upper-management was able to sell off their stock options, while the rest of the company had to hold on and watch their stock go to pennies. The regular folks lost their life savings and their retirement money. Those who were above took their money and ran. Kenneth Lay, so-called “didn’t see anything” CEO of Enron bought himself out, and has over 4 million in untouchable retirement funds. Even if he’s found guilty, the government can never touch that nest egg. He’s set for life, and the rest of us are stuck in the muck and mire of Enron’s fall. The whole business system is skewed for those on top to take advantage, and for the average guy to be dumped on. There is no free market system, folks, it is a slated playing field to which the ones with power can control the pitch of the surface.

And it doesn’t end there. Currently, the Blue Chip 500 top companies have their best and brightest selling off their stocks at an unmatched rate of 382 shares for every one they buy. Do they know something we don’t? The worst thing that happened to this economy was the overvaluation of the technology stocks for companies like Ariba, Commerce One, and other ilk. So much hype, and so little return on investments have caused this economic bath, and the unemployment for IT workers has increased again, affecting situations for those on the frontlines (you and me). Buying stocks? Stay far from the techs, my friends. The walls will tumble even further than they already have. Don’t think so…well, those aforementioned stock sellers are from IBM, Microsoft & AT&T, to name a few.

The US News came out with there new job outlook guide…and I can tell you now, don’t believe a word of it. Forensic Accounting, and other fantasies, are just not going to happen in the next few years, and pay-rates for those in the technology jobs are going to sit still as companies pull back on the spending, because they are now eating from all the investments they made into technology, and are getting no return on this investment. Don’t be suckered by them telling you of the future job forecasts. The future right now of the workingman and woman is in lawn care. That’s right, folks. Hold on to your garden shears and Lawn Boy mowers. Hold on to your Othro Weed Spritzer and Grass Killer Lite, because in the cyber society of lost souls and vibrating computer-run dildos, somebody has got to trim the shrubs and mow the grass, lest Bill Gates and Larry Ellison’s vast estates be cast over by lichen, trees and eggplant. The only people who are making money these days are the elite upper 1% of society, and the disparity is widening. If it continues, the future jobs will only be in maintaining and serving their interests. Here is one site that harbours community ideals


B D Gallof

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