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Bush Lives in a Dreamworld

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

WASHINGTON, November 30 – Ah what a way to close the month, nothing better than a hilarious piece of literature by the moron of the modern world, the fearless President Bush.

Today he presented the “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq”, apart from the fact that it’s a few years overdue, it’s totally not inhibited by any sense of reality. How can someone speak of victory in a situation in which more than 2,000 of the nation’s children suffered and died, in which tens of thousands of Iraqi’s were killed by daily bombings, not mentioning the terror they all live in. How can someone speak about “securing” another country when he cannot even protect his own?

Only a government with such narrow-vision, such stubbornness can produce a ludicrous document like this. Only a man who weaseled his way out of military service during the war in Vietnam can claim fearlessly that America will not run away from car bombers and assassins.

In the same simplicity the enemy has been divided into three obvious categories, we have the “rejectionists”, people [read: Sunnis] who do not accept the current situation. Next we have the “Saddamists”, members of the fallen regime who long for the old times that once were. Of course we cannot forget the group Bush so whole-heartedly loves, the terrorists, without them he would have no reason to exist! To keep it all casual resistance in all three groups will fade sometime soon, preferably the terrorists should be hunted down and killed before that time.

Oh yes, and we still wonder why the United States is regarded as a bully, a sore loser. Apparently it’s all worth it, the crude black gold rules the world like never before.

Consumer Confidence is on the Rise

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

NEW YORK, November 29 – After a few negative months the consumers are beginning to express more confidence in the economy. Most important contributors are the falling gasoline prices and an improved job outlook.

The consumer’s confidence index rose to 98.9 for November, in comparison, October featured a 85.2 index. The consumer confidence index is considered an important tool for analysts and stock traders.

The index is still beneath the levels of before Katrina struck but the apparent rise is good for the economy, especially short before the big shopping season of December. Although analysts do not believe that this holiday season will bring us a new record it is reassuring to see the consumer’s confidence restoring bit by bit.

This holiday season will be dominated by “bargain shoppers” many believe. Due to the weak economy many consumers expect bargains, and will settle for no less. Online spending figures have already indicated this.

The consumer’s confidence index is based on a survey among 5,000 representative households in the United Stats. Twenty years ago the index stood at 100.

Pharmaceutical Giant Merck Announces Big Job Cut

Monday, November 28th, 2005

NEW JERSEY, November 28 – The pharmaceutical company which once was extremely successful thanks to Vioxx, is now being beat down by that same best-seller. New Jersey-based Merck & Co. Inc. announced a drastic job cut of 7,000 jobs today. This amounts to 11% off their total worldwide employment.

Merck faces over 6,500 lawsuits over the painkiller Vioxx which was pulled from stores in September 2004 after suspicion that it causes heart problems. In one Texas case Merck was found responsible for the death of one man and was penalized for over $200 million, the appeal against this ruling is still active.

In addition to the job cuts Merck also announced they are looking to sell or close five of their plants. All these plans should create a leaner and more effective company according to the CEO. They are also looking to reduce the process of developing and launching a new product so that they can take a total of 15 months off of the total time from development till public launch.

Half of all job cuts will hit the United States. In light of this news shares for Merck dropped 4%.

Suicide Bombers Continue Attack, First Election-related Shootings Occur

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

BAGHDAD, November 26 – Two suicide bombings killed at least 10 people on Saturday while alarming election-related shootings occurred elsewhere.

In Samarra, 60 miles north of Baghdad, a vehicle drove into a gas station and detonated its deadly contents. Immediately six people were killed and at least another twelve people and destroying nine other vehicles. Meanwhile in Baghdad a convoy of foreign forces was attacked by another suicide car bomber. The car was parked at the side of the street when the convoy passed and the bomber detonated himself. Four people in the vicinity of the vehicle died immediately, the convoy did not suffer any casualties although one vehicle was totaled.

Maybe more importantly the first signs of election-related attacks are occurring. In Baghdad two men were shot when they tried to put up campaign posters, the same incident occurred in Mosul. A very worrying development with the coming elections in mind.

U.S. military tried to freshen up the spirits by announcing that one of al-Zarqawi’s executive secretaries was killed during a raid in October in the Al-Qaeda stronghold of Ramadi. The man, Abu Ubaydah, is claimed to be a top henchman in al-Zarqawi’s direct environment.