Suicide Bombers Demand More Lives as Violence Continues

November 22 18:42 2005 Print This Article

BAGHDAD, November 22 – The violence that has spread around Iraq since Friday continued yet another day, claiming more and more lives every time. Elaborate suicide attacks are carried out with lethal precision with little to nothing to do against them.

Today Kirkuk was the scene of such a terrible attack. Insurgents lured police officers into combat by shooting an Iraqi policeman. The officers rushed to the scene were surprised by a suicide car bomber who took at least 10 officers with him into certain death. In total 21 Iraqi’s were killed by this elaborate thought out scheme.

In addition to these deaths the U.S. military announced three more deaths of U.S. soldiers. One soldier was killed by a roadside bomb in Habaniyah, west of Baghdad. Roadside bombs are becoming an increasingly popular technique among insurgents as their efficiency is extremely high with little to no risk.
In Mosul two other U.S. soldiers were killed while engaged in enemy combat, likely by small-arms fire.

In Tikrit chaos spread when an official transfer of one of Saddam’s palaces to the Iraqi forces was interrupted by mortar fire. The mortar hit the target but did not detonate, meanwhile many officials scattered to search for cover. Although authorities are trying to downplay the incident the fact remains that if the mortar went off it could have had catastrophic consequences.

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