Suicide Car Bomber Targets Children in Iraq

November 24 13:51 2005 Print This Article

BAGHDAD, November 24 – It looks as though the insurgents in Iraq do not care who they affect with their terror and chaos. Today a suicide car bomber targeted a hospital where U.S. soldiers handed out toys to children. At least 30 people were killed in this horrible attack.

You would think that even evil-doers would steer clear of hurting children but nothing is less true. In Mahmoudiya, just south of Baghdad a suicide car bomber hit at the entrance of a hospital where at that moment U.S. soldiers were handing out toys to children. Of the 30 killed in this cowardly attack at least two were children, four police guards and three women were also among the deadly victims. In addition at least two U.S. soldiers were wounded and one U.S. Humvee was severely damaged.

Meanwhile elsewhere in Iraq three U.S. soldiers died due to fatal gunshot wounds sustained on Wednesday. One other U.S. soldier died by the wounds he sustained when he hit a roadside bomb with his vehicle, this took place in Hit, 85 miles west of Baghdad.

In Hillah, a largely Shiite city a car bomber struck at a crowded soft-drinks stand. Two people were killed immediately and many were wounded. Hillah was the scene of the deadliest single insurgent attack since the beginning of the war, which took place on Ferbuary 28th and killed 125 people.

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