Suicide Bombers Continue Attack, First Election-related Shootings Occur

November 26 15:28 2005 Print This Article

BAGHDAD, November 26 – Two suicide bombings killed at least 10 people on Saturday while alarming election-related shootings occurred elsewhere.

In Samarra, 60 miles north of Baghdad, a vehicle drove into a gas station and detonated its deadly contents. Immediately six people were killed and at least another twelve people and destroying nine other vehicles. Meanwhile in Baghdad a convoy of foreign forces was attacked by another suicide car bomber. The car was parked at the side of the street when the convoy passed and the bomber detonated himself. Four people in the vicinity of the vehicle died immediately, the convoy did not suffer any casualties although one vehicle was totaled.

Maybe more importantly the first signs of election-related attacks are occurring. In Baghdad two men were shot when they tried to put up campaign posters, the same incident occurred in Mosul. A very worrying development with the coming elections in mind.

U.S. military tried to freshen up the spirits by announcing that one of al-Zarqawi’s executive secretaries was killed during a raid in October in the Al-Qaeda stronghold of Ramadi. The man, Abu Ubaydah, is claimed to be a top henchman in al-Zarqawi’s direct environment.

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