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George Bush’s Morality

Friday, April 29th, 2005

Standards for Measuring George’s Morality

By Dr Gerry Lower

Whether we measure the temperatures of a shuttle wing’s leading edge, the distances between a warship’s launch tube and a building in downtown Baghdad, or the molecular weights of chemical toxins in an Iraqi warhead (fictional example), we must have a reference point, a standard relative to which we make our measurements.

Without defined standards, we would obviously end up being all over the place, and while everything might have sufficient momentum to work for a while, everything would not work very well or for very long. This fundamental requirement of measurement is also true for human morality, of course, where we must have standards by which to measure the moral content of our behavior.

Without standards, we would end up just like George Bush the younger, able to rationalize tax cuts for the rich because the economy is so good and tax cuts for the rich because the economy is so bad, without bothering himself a whit over how this can hope to be logical, how this can hope to make sense to everyone else. In other words, George employs no standards at all outside of the rightwing political standard, characterized by religious absolutism and a self-righteous penchant for ‘winning,’ no matter what the stakes, no matter what it takes. George, as a ‘born again’ theist, turns out to be devoutly agnostic with regard to human logic.

More than anything, it is the absence of moral standards that defines the current Bush administration, that is, the people defining America’s current behavior in the world. America no longer measures herself relative to an agreed-upon, definable set of moral standards and we have, as a result, lost all reference points for judging our own behavior as a nation. Under Bush’s standardized rightwing dominion, no additional thought or input from the people is required. George sees the people as not needing to know the truth because, frankly, the people are just not up to the complex tasks which George and his cadre can so confidently confront. More…

Mounting Tension in New Iraqi Government

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

Signs aren’t good in the Iraqi Government despite the spin of mainstream media and the US Government.
Iraqi politicians in a vote agreed partially to Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari’s submitted cabinet after three months of political stagnation.Importantly in a 275-seat parliament, there was 90 members of Parliament absent, with them being a considerable number of Sunni Muslims.Of the 185 present , 180 MPs voted in favor for 32 of the 37-member cabinet .
There were five key ministeries, including the oil and defense portfolios,still to be agreed on.Sunni’s are demanding the defense post go to a Sunni to allay fears of a witch hunt and a terror campaign against Sunni communities thought to be harboring Iraqi insurgents.The selection submitted by the Sunni Vice President Ghazi al-Yawar was rejected and is now being tempoarily filled by the Prime Minister Jaafari, while the oil portfolio will be filled by Ahmed Chalabi another Shiite politician until a permanent choice is selected. The appointment of Chalabi an exiled Shi’ite with close ties to the Pentagon and who was convicted of bank fraud in Jordan is creating frustration to the Sunni memebers of Parliament.
Ghazi al-Yawar was dismayed that some ministries were left vacant and threatend that Sunni ministers could step down if his minority community did not obtain at least the Defence Ministry.

“It’s simple and easy, if they fail to satisfy the Sunni Arabs …. the Sunnis might simply withdraw their candidates” from the government, he told reporters. “We’re not happy, but we have to wait until all the nominations are permanent before we do anything.”
Also likely to create tension in the future is the non appointment of any members of former prime minister, Allawi’s party. Allawi’s party, mainly secular Shiites won 40 seats in parliament and was seeking many cabinet posts and was one of the reasons for the protracted delay in forming a Cabinet.His party is likely to add to the behind the scenes bickering and bargaining.
Meanwhile Saddam Hussein turns 68 today.


Thursday, April 28th, 2005

by McBourbon
A young lady asked me the other night what kind of underwear I had on. Since I was on my seventh Black and Tan (the tall 22oz ones) I had not yet forgotten what I was wearing and answered “boxer briefs.” She smiled and then shared this seemingly intimate info with her table of friends, who all looked over smiling and discussing my choice in undergarments.

So I got to thinking about underwear. And first, since it was the subject at hand, I thought about men’s underwear. For us guys, we’ve got some alternatives. First of all, there are the tried and true Tighty Whities. These staples of men’s underwear should, however, be removed from your wardrobe the minute you have the opportunity to tell your mother to fuck herself…you won’t wear them anymore. They are the single biggest sex-kill known to femininity and will usually warrant a pretty severe laughing at should you get to a point where a girl would actually mercy-fuck you. I say mercy-fuck because most guys who are still wearing tighty whities in their twenty’s or even thirty’s are pretty much resigned to mercy-fucks anyway. In fact, anything white should be dispensed with immediately.Nothing worse than having a girl dedak you on the throes of passion and her having a face frontal witha juicy fresh brown stain.

Fuck this is a gay ass picture, what were we thinking?
Another alternative is the bikini, and although it is popular among gay European men, we have no need for striped or zebra printed underwear cut high on the sides in this country. Sure, male porn stars of the seventies popularized this undergarment, but unless you still have a mustache and that douchebag helmet for a hairstyle with the part down the middle and the “feathered” sides…try to lay off the weed, get out of the VW bus, and realize it’s …we do things a little differently now.

Boxers are the next alternative for us men, and chicks love these as much as we do. They’re good for built in air conditioning, keeping our sperm count high, and easy access should we need to get the hog out of the pen in a hurry. They come in all styles and prints, including plain white if you’re in that transference time from the TW’s to the boxers, and they can even be matched with holiday themes or seasonal ones. Even if you’re not wearing them…this should always be the answer when asked what kind of underwear you’re wearing…more about that later.

These pictures can’t get any more homo-erotic.
Finally, I myself prefer the boxer brief. The Hanes bike shorts looking, Michael Jordan wearing u-trou that have the boxer and brief feel but provide that good look for ladies from the outside of what your packing inside. The boxers hide that…and that’s why I abandoned them in my early college years for the more intimate boxer briefs. Of course, these will just get you laughed at by most women because they do, in fact, look almost exactly like Spandex bike shorts…especially the black ones from Hanes. Try to avoid these. Gray and white are good colors….not much else.

Wow, was I wrong, they can get even gayer.
As for the ladies, one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century was the thong. It comes in many different styles and colors and it offers a WAY HOTTER alternative underwear picture to those big, cotton, granny panties we used to have to strip off you ladies just to find that Cracker Jack prize.

Let’s face it, no one wants to see a girl leaning over the bar and realize that her hip huggers have just dropped an inch or two as her shirt slid upward to find a pair of bloomers with the tiny yellow flowers on it. My dick would shrivel up faster than a slug taking a salt bath on a hot sidewalk if a girl came into the bar looking like that. But that thong peaking out past those hip huggers and under that midriff shirt just screams SEXY. So, I say to you women…well…those of you with bodies built for sin…WEAR YOUR THONGS! And we’ll try not to embarrass ourselves any longer with tighty whities and bikini briefs.

New Iraqi Constitution to be delayed

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005 is predicting that the writing of Iraqi’s contitution will be delayed by at least six months.
With still no cabinet members and positions confirmed 3 months after the elections , the prospects of the constitution due in August is a fanciful one.With the Iraqi politicians unable to agree on the makeup of the Government, what chances that a agreement of such a complicated process can be reached.As well, there is very little incentive for the members of Parliament to reach agreement, as once the constitution has been finalised, its obligated to hold fresh elections.
These new elections due by Christmas will be postponed indefinitely with the excuses been given including the delay on a constitution and the ongoing security problem in Baghdad and Iraq which shows no signs of abating.