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Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Benedict xv1
The conclave of cardinale have early on their second day have decided that a close confidante of Pope John Paul 11, Joseph Ratzinger will succeed John Paul 11 as the head of the Catholic Church.
He will be known as Benedict xv1
Known for his conservatism as outlined in his homily before the election when he suggested that it would be unwise for the Church to let go of old values this signals more of the same for the 1 billion Catholics and will no doubt be upsetting for the liberals seeking some reconciliation with their views on women’s role and gays role in the Catholic Church.
Cardinal Ratzinger was feared as a uncompromising administrator within the church and there is one big difference between himself and John Paul 11 was his views on other churches.John Paul was all embracing but Cardinal Ratzinger espoused highly ecumenical views about other churches suggesting that they have many failings.It caused an outcry at the time.How this election is viewed by other churches remains to be seen.
Born in Bavaria and 78 years of age, he is the oldest Pope elected in the last 100 years which signifies a desire for this Pope to have a less long term papacy.

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