The Right “UN” Honorable Paul Martin

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The Right Honorable Paul Martin is Canada’s 21st Prime Minister. Some may say he is an economic genius. When the Liberals recieved power back in 1993, Mr Paul Martin was rightfully appointed the Minister of Finance. After all Paul Martin had a distinguished career as a business executive with the Power Corporation of Canada, and as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Steamship Lines. He was a businessman with vision and economic smarts.

During his term as Minister of Finance, Canada saw 5 years of surplus budget and cleared up over $43 Billion dollars in deficit and repayed another $36 Billion in dept. And on top of that tossed billions of dollars into health care and made some of the largest tax cuts in Canadian history.

But now, seems his track record is in question, very much in question.

Turns out that while under his watch the Canadian Liberal Government gave millions of dollars to “liberal friendly” companies, basically for nothing. None or little work was done for the money and all of it seems to be very fishy as well as highly illegal. The media has tagged this the “sponsorship scandal” and it could very well be the thing that ends Paul Martins Prime Ministerial Term.

In his public adress to the nation tonight Paul Martin raised the stakes in this political nightmare and promised to call an election within 30 days of receiving the sponsorship inquiry report, and the results of the investigation into the Sponsorship Scandal.

“What we’ve all just witnessed a sad sight,” Official Opposition Leader Stephen Harper said. “A leader so burdened by political corruption within his own party, he is unable to do his job and lead the country, a party leader playing for time, begging for another chance.”

While its yet to early to tell the publics response to what could be terrible news for Liberals, Conservatives and the NDP’s have failed to hide there sentiments. And accuse Paul Martin of scrambling for ways to hide his previous deviant Liberal Party partakings.

Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Quebecois Leader stated the preliminaries of the Gomery inquiry had tarnished Quebecers. “The Liberal Party said it wanted to promote federalism. But in reality the Liberals tried to buy the soul of Quebecers.”

The only thing anyone can say without any argument today after the Prime Ministers public speech is this Regardless of the outcome of the Gomery Inquiry, and whether or not Paul Martin did actually have knowledge of the sponsorship misappropriatism (embezzlement), the Nation will be called to the polls within 30 days of the Gomery Inquiry

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