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The American Dream

Like some huge tit grasped ineptly by a teenage America in the back of a Honda, the world economy is unsure, tired, sometimes bored, and never completely understood. America has

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The American Dream Part 2

Let me tell you what is wrong. And, be assured there IS something wrong. If there was something RIGHT, we wouldn’t be with stuck with dilapidated 401k’s, no social security

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Why I Look Forward to Bush’s Reelection

Unlike America’s political elite, I have always despised al-Qaeda. Even back in the 1980s and early 1990s, when successive US administrations were funding and actively cooperating with Osama bin Laden and

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Kings of Pain Britain, United States and Israel

A little-publicized piece by Ali Abunimah in Lebanon’s Daily Star headlined Israeli link possible in US torture techniques: In exchange for interrogation training, did Washington award security contracts? should be getting a lot more

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Iraq Torture Incorporated

Remember Oliver North, Ronald Reagan’s national security advisor and focal point of the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s? He’s back in the war crimes business, this time as an industry

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