Claims of Alleged CIA Prisons Still Stand

December 13 13:49 2005 Print This Article

PARIS, December 13 – Swiss senator Dick Marty, who is in charge of a committee to investigate the claims of secret prison in Europe, explained in a presentation today that the allegations could very well be true. Reports and evidence found so far support the claims although Marty believes no prisoners are being held in Europe at this moment.

He said he has information that indicates that all the prisoners have been moved to North Africa since the beginning of November, the same time the information leaked. One of the target countries is Morocco where he believes that most prisoners were moved.

Marty held his presentation before the Council of Europe, an important human rights watchdog consisting of 46 European countries. He expressed especially that he believes that Poland and Romania were two of the main hosting countries for these secret detention centers and satellite footage has been requested to establish whether two airports in these countries may have functioned as such a center.

He clearly also condemned Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for not denying the allegations of secret prisons but merely ignoring these questions without any explanation. Marty also admitted that the information available to his committee clearly shows that individuals have been abducted and transferred without any respect for legal processes.

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