Terror Attack On London Shocks The World

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Typical Drizzly Day Turns Into Chaos

LONDON, July 7 – London’s commuters were unhappily surprised today as a typical grayish morning turned into a vivid hell. Thousands of people were caught off guard this morning while still in an euphoric mood after their surprise election for the 2012 Olympics. Just before 9 a.m. five underground stations turned into every man’s nightmare when bombs were detonated by a terrorist group, now suspected to be handling in Al-Qaeda’s name.

The horror wasn’t over just yet when almost 30 minutes later a bus was the target of another terrorist attack, very likely a suicide bomber. The entire roof had been ripped open by the immense explosion. This all took place in the center of London where everyone was on their way to work, the popular public transit system transports around 3 million people every morning during rush hour.

In a matter of minutes the entire underground network was put to a stop by the bombings on the underground stations Aldgate, Edgware Road, King’s Cross, Old Street and Russell Square. The authorities immediately evacuated all the other stations to prevent any further casualties, at that time it looked like a power surge might have caused the explosions but with the bombing on a bus on Tavistock Square it was soon clear that this was no unlucky accident.

At this time there are 37 confirmed deaths and over 700 casualties but those numbers are generally believed to increase over the next few days, just at Aldgate station there were over 90 casualties and 2 deaths. It has been reported that the British government has requested extra ambulances from the Red Cross, which shows that the magnitude of this disaster is unbelievable.

Blair appeared for a live speech in Gleneagles only three hours after the attacks, urging people to stay calm and insisting that the will of terrorists to destroy our society is nothing compared to our will to defend our lifestyle and civilization. Shortly thereafter Bush commented on the horrible attacks and continued his everlasting speech of pursuing terrorists and bringing them to justice. Safety measures have been taken by the US government as well as the French government and border control around the world has increased in the light of today’s events.

Various networks reported the possibility that today’s attacks had a direct link to the election of London for the Olympics of 2012 yesterday but several terrorist-experts contradicted this insisting that such a large-scale attack cannot be executed on a day’s notice. It is far more likely that this attack has been planned to disturb the G8 meeting in Scotland, where world leaders are gathered this week to continue their talks about reducing poverty in the third world countries. The attack has been claimed by a group naming itself “Secret Organisation al Qaeda in Europe”

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