Republican Senators Urge to Release White House Records on Abramoff

January 29 12:32 2006 Print This Article

WASHINGTON, January 29 – The long-lasting case of Jack Abramoff is one of bribery, felons, and quite possibly a political earthquake. So far the damage has been moderate but there is potential for so much more.

Today Republican lawmakers called on Bush to release any information on contact with Abramoff from the White House. Who met with him, who called him, what happened where. Full disclosure should be given to prevent any risk of allegations. Abramoff was a top-fundraiser on Bush’s re-election campaign and seeing his track record many will of course conclude that he had influence in the White House.

Bush himself does not care much about releasing this information. He is absolutely sure there was no foul play in the White House because of him and Bush did not even know him personally. Although Bush is in photos with him numerous times Bush still claims to not have met him on a personal level. The recorded visits of Abramoff to the White House are still confidential though, there is no indication who he met with and for what reason. Bush’s adviser is confident there will be no inquiry for such information since it is not relevant to the case, according to him.

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