Withdrawal of U.S. Troops Depends on Iraq’s Political Progress

September 29 12:56 2005 Print This Article

Not a reassuring message

WASHINGTON, September 29 – General George Casey was called to the Capitol yesterday by President Bush to brief the members of Congress on the progress that has been made. He made clear that the current political tension between the Shiites and Sunnis might prevent a substantial withdrawal next year, something that has been mentioned on various occasions.

Casey urged that the potential withdrawal of the U.S. troops is tied directly to the political situation in Iraq. The referendum next month on the constitution composed by the Shiites and Kurds will clear up where the political progress is heading. Recurring insurgent attacks, initiated by the Sunni population keep interfering with the diplomatic solutions for these problems. Whether the Sunnis will participate in this referendum will give us a peek at where they stand right now. Many Sunni clerics have urged the citizens to absolutely vote this time so their voice is heard. This of course could mean a swift demise of the constitution as proposed.

Bush also announced that the U.S. forces will win the battle against the insurgents and long-term plans to put this into effect have been composed. Analysts are weary of this statement though because the fall of the insurgents has been announced many times by Bush & co but it has yet to happen.

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