Abramoff Scandal Likely to Result in Political Earthquake

January 04 16:43 2006 Print This Article

WASHINGTON, January 4 – So far the casualties of the Abramoff scandal are limited, only a few politicians have been named in this bribery scandal so far. The question however is how many will come up during the investigation? About one dozen FBI agents are already in the field investigating on the extensive tips of Jack Abramoff, as a result of his plea bargain.

Republican Bob Ney is one of the main victims of Abramoff’s tips so far, he has admitted that he accepted golf trips to Scotland, tickets to the Superbowl, free meals at expensive restaurants and of course campaign contributions. In fact all of this on its own is no criminal behaviour, though an agreement to do something in return makes it a bribe, and that is a criminal act. Ney already admitted that he helped Abramoff on a casino deal in Florida, and probably much more deals were made in return for these contributions and trips.

Fromer House majority leader Tom Delay accompanied Ney on his trip to Scotland, also paid by Abramoff of course. DeLay is already indicted and a lot more politicians will follow shortly. The outcome of this scandal could change the political landscape, we all know indictments are the end of any career, whether they are found true or false.

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