G8 Summit in Gleneagles a Huge “Success”

July 08 15:02 2005 Print This Article

Again “progress” on eliminating poverty.

GLENEAGLES, July 8 – Prime minister Blair announced today that the meeting of the 8 most powerful industrial countries in the world has finally returned an excellent result. According to Blair the countries agreed on increasing aid to $50 billion by 2010. Of course he failed to mention that this summit and its’ security measures could have fed the entire continent of Africa for a year.

No “respected” news networks dared to share that this summit is highly questionable and almost cowardly taking into account that most countries living in poverty have exactly the G8 to thank for it, but let’s steer clear of history lessons shall we.

Furthermore an agreement was reached on increasing economic relations with the countries in question. This should enable these third world countries to enter into an economic situation that reflects that of the Western world. The only last point was that of climate change, an everlasting trouble child at these summits and one that still hasn’t been resolved. The United States is the only nation of the eight that hasn’t ratified the Kyoto Protocol established in 1997, of course President Bush isn’t going to change this because he believes it would damage the U.S. economy. Quite a few people believe that he’s pointing to his own wallet here instead of preserving the nation’s interest knowing that Bush and his companions have a multitude of interests in the oil industry. The discussion on global warming will be continued on November 1st when the G8 gathers again in Britain.

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