Bush Decides on Second Nominee for Supreme Court: Harriet Miers

October 03 08:22 2005 Print This Article

Another nominee with no background

WASHINGTON, October 3 – President Bush presented his second choice for the Supreme Court from his Oval Office not long ago. He introduced his loyal longtime staff member Harriet Miers as his nominee to succeed Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court.

Miers resembles a similar choice as John Roberts, the already confirmed Chief Justice put forward by Bush. She has not entered the limelight at all and stood happily in the background supporting President Bush at every occasion. A self-proclaimed Texan through and through Harriet Miers has a track record of excellent achievements. She has a lot of firsts on her resume, twice she was the first woman to be hired at the law firms she joined. She was the first female president of the Dallas Bar Association and the first female president of the Texas State Bar. She started out as Bush’s personal lawyer back in Texas, she then followed him when he became governor and then became his staff secretary when Bush reached the White House. Last year he appointed her as White House counsel.

Her own legal agenda is largely unknown, similar to John Roberts, a situation which troubled the Senators. It is however known that she has sided with the President’s agenda on almost every point he ever brought to the table, be it tax cuts, limiting embryonic stem cell research, national security or fighting terrorism, she stood by George W. Bush every single time.

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