Harriet Miers Pulled As Supreme Court Nominee

October 27 12:57 2005 Print This Article

WASHINGTON, October 27 – What many anticipated over the last few days has happened. While there seemed no easy way out, at least not without admitting political defeat, Miers managed to control the damage by claiming she is stepping down because of a fight over executive privilege.

Her position was almost unmanageable after the truckloads of critique that hit her doorstep. Bush probably thought that her lack of paper-trail would weaken the positions of the opposition but instead it increased their focus on her qualifications which were overwhelmingly lacking. President Bush probably realizes now that nominating his long-time friend and loyal employee was not a smart choice, her simple standpoints and lack of qualification for the job made it a very tough sale.

Bush’s administration is the next target, it seems as though he has no credit left. Approval ratings are historically low, more and more doubting the reasons for the Iraq invasion. The federal government is almost out of control with expenses doubling under Bush’s leadership as opposed to Clinton’s. Mostly due to sky-high homeland security and defense budgets as well as the costly Medicare program. His careless response to the devastation of hurricane Katrina and his hollow promise to provide a constitutional ban on gay marriages are even making his loyal base doubt their leader. Without them he’s nowhere on his ambitious agenda.

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