Miers Confirmation Hearings Start Nov. 7th

October 19 13:03 2005 Print This Article

Many Senators still not sure about her

WASHINGTON, October 19 – Harriet Miers will begin her confirmation hearings in the first week of November, starting on the Monday the 7th. Republicans have been pushing to get her confirmed before Thanksgiving but Democrats are reluctant to cooperate since Sandra Day O’Connor will stay on the bench until her replacement has been confirmed.

It’s still undecided whether there will be a Republican opposition against her nomination as associate justice on the Supreme Court. Many conservatives have been hoping for a very outspoken conservative judge with a strong opinion on ethical dilemma’s like abortion rights and the death penalty. Miers is most experienced as a corporate lawyer, making her an odd choice for the Supreme Court. Her lack of experience with any position as judge has created quite a stir but Republicans seem to ease down on the situation and some say she might face a quite big support eventually.

Democrats are most likely to oppose her confirmation, documents from Miers’ career suggest that she’s against abortion rights and she is feared to change milestone rulings like Roe vs. Wade.

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