Kerry Launches Filibuster to Block Alito Confirmation

January 28 10:36 2006 Print This Article

WASHINGTON, January 28 – In a surprising turn the Democrat Senator Kerry initiated the launch of a filibuster on the confirmation of judge Alito. Although many Republicans and Democrats already agreed on confirming Alito Kerry managed to delay the decision on whether the debate is over to Monday, which would make the confirmation possible on Tuesday the earliest.

In what seems largely a move with a hidden agenda Kerry finds himself supported by Senator Kennedy and even Senator Hillary Clinton. Liberal groups rejoiced over Kerry’s decision which uncovers much of his motives. Kerry is already thinking ahead for the 2008 elections for the White House and the liberal groups will be important when it comes to the preliminary votes.

Kerry tried to defend his choice by claiming that this is a vote on history, and not simply “just” a vote. He urged the Senate to see through this nomination and see what Bush is effectively doing. He’s pushing anti-abortion laws and increasing domestic surveillance, and these Judges on the Supreme Court will back it because the majority will back Bush when Alito gets on.

Whether the attempt to a filibuster will be successful is doubtful. Many Democrats already decided in favor of Alito and most Republicans do also. If the debate is ended on Monday we will know if Alito gets confirmed on Tuesday.

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