Streak of Attacks in Iraq Continue: 30 deaths

October 12 10:23 2005 Print This Article

Battle is heated on the way to the referendum

BAGHDAD, October 12 – Iraq is consumed by terrorist strikes these last two days as the referendum on Saturday gets closer and closer. Yesterday’s attacks were succeeded by a string of attacks today of which the bloodiest took place near Tal Afar, about six miles east of the small town a suicide bomber detonated his vest loaded with explosives. He did so near an army and police recruitment center taking 30 Iraqi’s with him. At least another 40 people were wounded by this explosion. Tal Afar was already the scene of an explosion yesterday which killed 30 people.

About nine miles outside of the city of Baquba another attack took place. Eight Iraqi soldiers were wounded when a suicide bomber detonated himself inside a car when he targeted an Iraqi army patrol.

The capital of Iraq, Baghdad, did not go unharmed either. One remote controlled car bomb went off in the al-Qahtan neighborhood allegedly targeting a Sunni minister. The bomb wounded six Iraqi’s, among them three bodyguards of the minister. In another area, the al-Ghazaliya neighborhood an U.S. army patrol was targeted with a car bomb but there were no casualties reported.

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