Paris Suburbs on Fire as Riots Spread Through France

November 07 13:07 2005 Print This Article

PARIS, November 7 – France is literally on fire. Sunday night was one of the worst nights of riots in a series of ten subsequent nights. The riots not only reached the center of Paris but spread throughout the country and even to neighboring countries.

On Sunday night more than 1,400 vehicles were torched during the riots cumulating to an enormous material damages. Public buildings like schools, churches and other facilities were set on fire causing even more damage. The first deadly casualty due to the riots was announced shortly after the Sunday night bash between police and rioters. An older man beaten by muslim youngsters in one of the suburbs of Paris this week has died in the hospital due to the injury sustained. At least ten policemen were injured during the fights last night including two sever casualties due to shotgun fire from the rioting crowd.

About 390 people were arrested all over the country as over 250 towns joined in the chaos and mayhem. Even neighboring countries suffered copycat behavior, Belgian authorities announced that five cars near Brussels central station were set on fire last night and German media say cars were torched in Berlin and Bremen.

Chirac meanwhile announced severe measures to prevent any further unrest and provide safety to the general public. There have been talks about curfews and even more police forces in the main cities.

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