Ten U.S. Marines Killed, Tension Builds up in Iraq

December 02 14:43 2005 Print This Article

BAGHDAD, December 2 – The U.S. military suffered one of the biggest strikes yet as a Marine foot patrol was surprised by a roadside bomb on Thursday. Ten of them were killed by the blast and at least eleven were wounded of which several severely.

This bombing is one of the worst to hit the U.S. military yet. Normally patrols stay well spaced out to prevent mass casualties but the outcome of this attack indicates that the blast was enormous. Concerns over these roadside bombs have been growing for some time now, the devices used are becoming more powerful and more advanced and there is almost no way to track them down.

Meanwhile in Baghdad Shiites joined a largely Sunni group to protest against the many arrests of alleged insurgents over the last few days. Especially in the area near the Syrian border many operations took place to secure the area and stabilize the situation for the elections on December 15th.

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