As Expected Bush Nominates Samuel Alito as Supreme Court Justice

October 31 11:30 2005 Print This Article

WASHINGTON, October 31 – Well Bush’s most recent decision wasn’t one full of surprise, just two days ago we reported the likelihood of Alito’s nomination and now the federal appeals court judge has received the formal nomination.

Bush is obviously trying to calm his supporters down with offering them this ideal conservative choice. He also knows that on the other hand he will have liberal groups opposing him simply because of his points of view. Liberal organization Planned Parenthood already announced to oppose his confirmation simply because he would obstruct basic reproductive rights. Meanwhile a group opposing the Miers confirmation, Concerned Women For America announced that they will support this candidate with all they’ve got since he’s an all-time favorite of this organization.

Opinions are heavily divided on this choice, Bush’s loyal conservatives on one hand and liberal Democrats on the other hand. It is very likely though that Alito will get the confirmation since the Democrats cannot oppose greatly without speaking out against him in extremes, something that is not likely to happen. Yet his confirmation would change the future of America incredibly, with a conservative minded Justice on board the Supreme Court decisions would sway the other way around, to the right. Don’t forget Alito is replacing a progressive Justice, often the swing-vote on many ethical cases.

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