Bush’s Next Nominee Will Face a Tougher Senate

September 24 11:39 2005 Print This Article

Even Republicans will be strict

WASHINGTON, September 24 – It looks as though President Bush has to be really sure about the second nominee for the Supreme Court because this one won’t get in so easily. The Democrats will of course play hardball on the next nominee, but a few highly-ranked Republicans have indicated that they will not agree with just anybody, seems like Bush has a rocky road ahead this time.

Bush’s approval ratings have shown to be the lowest since he took office, John Roberts simply got a “free pass” because he was replacing an extremely conservative judge. Senate Republican strategists have indicated that most Republicans are growing more and more willingly to defy the President’s strategy. Many of them already didn’t agree on important issues like stem cell research, Bolton’s appointment as Ambassador to the U.N. and of course the war in Iraq.

So if the next nominee as much as leans to the left or the right Bush can count on a tough battle in the Senate, especially because this nominee will replace Sandra Day O’Connor, often the swing-vote on many ethical matters of great importance. Republican defection would of course offer cover to the Democrats willing to oppose the new nominee as well, all in all it’s crystal clear that George W. Bush has to make a solid call on this one.

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