Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 30 in Baghdad

December 08 14:05 2005 Print This Article

BAGHDAD, December 8 – The capital of Iraq was disturbed heavily today as many explosions ripped through the city. The deadliest one occurred at the biggest bus station in Baghdad where most buses leave for a long travel to large Shiite cities.

Witnesses reported a man getting out of a vehicle in a hurry and entering the bus at the last moment, just before it left. The man then immediately detonated his belt filled with explosives as the bus took off. The explosions left a carcass of fire in which all passengers died. At least 30 deaths were reported so far and almost 40 were wounded. Locals standing at a nearby food stall were swept away in the blast too which demanded a few casualties as well.

It was expected that in the last week before the election of December 15th the violence would surge to influence the voters and wreak fear among the already divided citizens of Iraq.

Meanwhile in other news a terrorist insurgent group claimed to have killed a U.S. security advisor who was taken hostage a few days ago. No pictures, videos or other means of proof have been released yet but the group claiming the killing said they would release proof soon.

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