Government Documents Show Roberts’ Views on Social Matters

August 16 09:48 2005 Print This Article

Democrats pleased to finally get some insight

WASHINGTON, August 16 – Finally there has been information released on the conservative views of Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts. After long critique that there is no information available to get a glance at Roberts’ past work for the government the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library released almost 6,000 documents on Monday. First signs show that the fear for his conservative view on abortion by Democrats are not false, actually it forms a pattern in his past work for the government.

One of his many memos shows this perfectly, in this 1985 memo for President Reagan after being asked if it would be appropriate for the President to show his support to a controversial memorial service for aborted fetuses by anti-abortion protesters Roberts said it was an entirely appropriate way to call attention to the “abortion tragedy”. Another revealing fact is that Roberts was co-author of a document that argued that the Roe vs. Wade decision was wrongful and should be overturned.

This all seems to send a dark cloud over the confirmation hearings starting Sept. 6. Roberts’ chances seem to get slimmer, especially after another memo showed that he did not agree on the request of three Senators for a law on equal pay for females after a court decision supporting this. In his eyes this way still a “radical redistributive concept” and he found it troubling that the three lawmakers embraced this concept so easily. Ironically one of those three senators plays a key role in his confirmation hearings if the votes become close.

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