UK Tries to Downplay the Basra Incident

September 21 14:02 2005 Print This Article

Learning from Bush?

BAGHDAD, September 21 – It was almost ridiculous to see the poor attempts to sweet talk what took place in Basra on Monday. Defence Secretary John Reid staged a public display of affection with the Iraqi prime minister, trying to emphasize that there is no harm done and they’re all still friends.

He urged that there was no such thing as “fundamental breakdown of trust” and that everyday life as normal would continue. The training of Iraqi forces and support in security issues are still continuing and Reid says there is no reason not to. The Iraqi prime minister added his two cents by saying that in the current situation with foreign forces located allover the country an incident like this was likely to happen. Funny thought isn’t it?

Meanwhile in Basra over 500 protesters gathered, among them many armed policemen, to demonstrate against the British violence and demanding a trial for the SAS soldiers. In Baghdad the interior minister denied that Brigadier Lorimer’s statement was correct. Lorimer has said that the Iraqi police handed the two special agents over to the British Forces yet the interior minister accuses him of spreading this false information to cover up his order to storm the police station where they were held captive and freed subsequently. One can expect this is not the last we’ll hear from this.

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