Al Qaeda Threatens Los Angeles and Melbourne

September 12 10:08 2005 Print This Article

Spreading fear is still their best weapon

U.S., September 12 – Yesterday a new terrorist tape emerged from nowhere, being delivered to the ABC News Network in Pakistan. On the tape the converted American Adam Yahiye Gadahn threatens to hit Los Angeles and Melbourne next, “Allah willing” he added. The 11-minute tape was delivered on the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attack that started it al, 9/11.

Is this tape anymore than just another way to spread fear on an already sad day? Of course Madrid and even more recent London still play in our heads as these masked cowards announce to continue to wreak death and destruction, but in all honesty those attack were no where near the enormous attack of 9/11, not to denounce their importance. The true question is whether Al Qaeda is still able to repeat a devastating attack as 9/11, especially in these times where security is immense high and everyone walks on the tip of their toes.

The authorities in LA immediately responded to share that there are no known credible threats to the city, they also urged that we shouldn’t let fear lead our lives, a very smart remark. Time will tell what will happen, I know what I’ll be praying for tonight.

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