Roberts’ Confirmation Hearings Looking Tough Already

August 25 05:13 2005 Print This Article

Opposition is gathering slowly

WASHINGTON, August 25 – The confirmation hearing starting Sept. 6 looking to put John Roberts in the Supreme Court will get tough. Although opposition has been slow to assemble since there was not much clarity on Roberts’ views it’s now become clear that one very influential liberal group will oppose his confirmation. People for the American Way led many fights against Supreme Court nominees and they have announced that they will oppose Roberts without a doubt. Yesterday they released a 50-page report detailing Roberts’ conservative points and troublesome thoughts. They believe he will have no trouble undermining important decisions on civil rights matters such as access to court and equality for women.

Leading Democrat and Senator of California Dianne Feinstein added that she has been troubled by Roberts’ lack of respect for the right of privacy. His past has shown many conflicts in which he was sceptical to this right and even wondered if it should be apart of civil rights. Democrats are now worried this means he will overthrow the milestone Roe vs. Wade decision and thus set back the country to the 1950’s.

Two other influential liberal groups have also released statements in which they confirm they’ll join in the opposition seeing the views of the Supreme Court nominee. Republicans on the other hand have not been sitting still awaiting for the opposition to align, they have been gathering wide support for their candidate and it is believed his chances are still in favour of being confirmed.

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