9/11 in Hindsight, Startling Facts Summarized

September 11 09:33 2005 Print This Article

Today is exactly 4 years after the disastrous day that shook the world. It hasn’t been the same ever since and never will be. There have been several critical reports, investigations and even conspiracy theories. I’m not here to contribute to this, I’m sharing with you a few proven facts investigated by two internationally respected politicians and well-documented. Draw your own conclusions, do with it as you please, the ones responsible for this sad day will get their fair share.

– In Sept. 2000 the PNAC committee drafted a document called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”. In this document a neoconservative think tank looks back on the cold war and agrees that after the Soviet Union has gone there are areas in Central Asia and the Middle East that are not under some sort of US control. It also concludes that there are several things they have to gain control over to guarantee world leadership, one of these things are the oil supplies in the Middle East. More soldiers and a defense budget increase are impossible to sell to the citizens because there is no lead for it.
They speak of a “Pearl Harbor” effect, which could steamroll these developments and make it possible to establish new US bases overseas.

– The leader of the terrorist cell, Mohammed Atta, is on the Pentagon’s watchlist, yet the Ministry of Defense knowingly keeps this information from other intelligence services.

– Mossad, Israel’s secret service tries to warn the US in August 2001, giving the intelligence services a list of 200 terrorist suspects. Four of the names on that list are actual hijackers on 9/11. Nothing was ever done with that list.

– On August 6, 2001 Condoleezza Rice gets a memo on her desk with the headline “Bin Laden is determined to strike on American soil”. Plane hijackings are discussed in this memo. Apparently nothing comes from it.

– On 10/07 2001 the Phoenix department of the FBI sends a memo to the HQ with the message that multiple Muslim men are taking flying lessons and shooting lessons, they urge this should be investigated. Nothing happens.

– The twentieth hijacker, Zacarias Moussaoui is arrested in Paris, his laptop gets confiscated by the FBI yet the big chiefs at the Feds deny the agents to investigate the laptop until the 11th of September. All the information regarding 9/11, the hijackers and the entire terrorist operation is found on the laptop.

– During the hijackings, which occur the latest at 8:20AM, no fighter planes hit the air. For 100 minutes no military planes take off while it is usual for fighters to control airplanes that change course during flight. In the nine months before 9/11 this occurs 67 times, yet on this so important day no jets take off for a full 100 minutes!

In my mind there is no doubt that Bush, if not abused, at least used the information they had to ensure any attack would go through so he had his leverage to start overseas military action. Many believe these facts can only be blamed on incompetence, of course an easy argument and hard to disagree with. Yet it strikes me as odd that a government that is able to do about anything, control anyone, detain anyone, use satellites to monitor any movement and even manage to get men on the moon (well the NASA did but you get my point) cannot even prevent this situation when so much information has been delivered beforehand.

Draw your own conclusions, maybe someday the truth will be exposed.

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