Bush Increases Media Offensive, Harder Talk

August 24 05:35 2005 Print This Article

This is going to get nasty

BOISE, August 24 – In an effort to discredit the arguments of the many anti-war protesters outside of his vacation ranch Bush stepped it up a notch by urging that withdrawing the U.S. troops out of Iraq, the protesters’ biggest wish, would severely weaken the United States. It looks like his offensive is getting harder as the protesters gain momentum, while it started out as an action by a grieving mother the protesters are now backed by several wealthy liberal organizations.

One of the organizations is TrueMajority, owned by Ben Cohen, one of the two founders of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream. These new backups seem to be very important as they’re making it possible to buy up advertising time at broadcasting companies to spread their views and arguments. Bush meanwhile gets backup from his own staff, Daniel Bartlett showed up on the morning news networks stressing Bush’s message by adding “We have a history — Somalia, Beirut, Lebanon, those times when the going got tough [and] we retreated and withdrew from the scene — it only emboldened the terrorists. We’re not going to do that here. We’re going to stay, fight and win.”

Bush is also stating that the views of Cindy Sheehan and her supporters do not represent the views of most military families. Whether this is true or simply the result of pre-screening the families he meets is debatable. Fact remains that U.S. casualties are only increasing and there is no end in sight for this awful war.

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