Sunnis Protesting Iraqi Constitutional Draft

August 30 14:21 2005 Print This Article

Chances are big it will be rejected

BAGHDAD, August 30 – Protests started all over Iraq, rejecting the approval of the Iraqi constitutional draft which leaves Sunnis in a disadvantage. While the political process seems successful the opposite is true, there is a big chance that the referendum on October 15 will come out negative and the whole process will be annulled.

The rules for this referendum are that if three out of the 18 electoral districts reject the draft in the referendum it will be disapproved completely. With this fact the entire National Assembly will be dissolved and new elections will be held which will initiate the same process again. This means new talks will be made and a new draft should be assembled and approved.

Meanwhile Democrats are already stating that George W. Bush has failed miserably. The Iraqi’s have nothing to show for their so-called liberation and the political process stumbles upon opposition constantly. Combine that with increasing insurgent attacks and startling U.S. casualty rates and it will be clear that Bush has a lot to do to make up for this mess.

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